Thursday, 15 May 2014

Another Year - another catch up - card made in 2013

This lovely pattern is A Teacup of Pansies by Linda Williams from the Parchment Craft Magazine 2013

I made this card for my daughter's birthday using Stampin Up papers and punches.

The Bug Box was for  my son using Compo's Marchbox stamps

This is a Judith Maslen pattern called Cornflower

A beautiful Josie Davidson pattern called 3D Flower Parasol from January 2010 Parchment Craft Magazine

I love the sea by Narumi Oleanishi

Bellflower from The art of painting by Gerti Hofman

Edwin Fishing (Magnolia stamp)

One of my favourites, Pixie in Fairyland by Judith Maslen from Parchment Craft Magazine June 2008

The Doll's House by Judith Maslen, Parchment Craft Magazine 2009

Corner Flower detailing by Christine Coleman in Parchment Craft Magazine September 2013

Decorated Notebook using Stampin Up punches

Lacy Butterflies by Eileen Roberts from Parchment Craft Magazine 2010

Sympathy card by Christine Coleman from Parchment Craft Magazine April 2013

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Birgit said...

Oh these are beautiful!!!! You have been busy even though you have not been here for a while. I love the pergamano and I have been away from that for a long time mainly because my ink doesn't want to flow off my "pen" I got so angry I actually bent my pen tip and had to replace it. I think I need a new white ink:) The butterflies are so intricate and that must have taken a while for all the little cutting-Hope your fingers are OK