Thursday, 24 January 2013

Parchment Christmas cards

I made quite a few Parchment Christmas cards to send to friends and family.

This card is called Pretty Parcels and is by Kay James from the November 2010 Parchment Craft Magazine.
Walking in Winter by Gail Sydenham from Parchment Craft Magazine November 2012.  The background is coloured on the reverse using dorso.
This Polar Bear card is by Carol Hadlow and is from October 2009 Parchment Craft Magazine. 

Christmas Ducks from Pergamano Patterns M51
These Christmas Trees are from Pergamano Patterns M51.  The background is coloured using dorso.

Christmas Robin by Mary G Kerr in Parchment Craft Magazine November 2012.  The Robin is coloured using Derwent Studio pencils. 

Pinecone adapted from Alison Yeates pattern in November 2012 Parchment Craft Magazine coloured with Derwent Studio pencils.

Small poinsettia adapted from a pattern by Christine Coleman in Parchment Craft Magazine December 2012.

Winterscene adapted from January 2013 Pergamano News by Gail Sydenham.

Christmas Wishes by Judith Maslen coloured with Derwent Studio Pencils.

Snowman from Pergamano Patterns M51.

Christmas Postbox by Judith Maslen from Parchment Craft Magazine November 2009, coloured with Derwent Studio pencils and dorso on the back.
Poinsettia by Christine Coleman from Parchment Craft Magazine December 2012 coloured with Derwent Studio Pencils.
Follow the Star by Maureen Kille from Parchment Craft Magazine November 2010.

Elegant Dove by Tina Cox from Parchment Craft Magazine Christmas Special December 2012.


MagsB said...

Wow, awesome! They all look like the most elegant embroidery - beautiful!

So glad to see you back, I hope things go well for you in 2013! Take care, and stay warm!

love Mags B xxx

Shelly Schmidt said...

Just gorgeous! Your work is very inspirational!

Birgit said...

These are truly amazing and makes me miss doing pergamano. I am having problems with the white ink on my pen. There are so many here that are so beautiful-each one is stunning. Love the dorso on the backing of the Christmas trees. the poinsettia is great...they are all great-wonderful work

Katie Johnson said...

You have been busy...they all look lovely. Hope your family and friends treasure everyone of them :) x