Thursday, 15 December 2011


I decided to try something new with these Parchment cards.  I've not done silhouetes before and was too lazy to use paint for them and wait for it to dry so I used a permanent marker pen.  I discovered it was best to turn the paper over and have the marker on the reverse which is why the Bethlehem skyline is in reverse from the original pattern, lol. 

This is a pattern by Katie Johnson from Parchment Craft Cards for Christmas 2011.  I chose different bg colours and did them in arcs rather than in lines as in the original pattern.  Even though I went over the silhouette several times I couldn't get rid of the lines of the marker completely.

This is the reversed skyline.  The silhouette is more muted but the lines of the marker don't show up at all.  Again I chose different colours for the bg and adapted the border.  I think I prefer this silhouette.  The original pattern is by Kannikar Sukseree from Parchment Craft Cards For Christmas 2011.


Cath Wilson said...

They're beautiful, Jack - I love silhouettes. Love those colours, too x

Spyder said...

This is gorgeous!! and so different. Love it. I love my new die cut too, bought on line from Joanna Sheen, Memory box Frosty Border. I'm using it on everything at the moment!
Thank you for your comments Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Clever and just that little bit different.
Lynne x

Katie Johnson said...

They all look fantastic, thank you for choosing to do my card aswell, you've done a fantastic take on it :) x