Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More parchment cards

These are the other parchment cards I managed to make this year.  I so enjoyed doing these I will try to start them earlier next year.
 This is a pattern by Kannikar Sukseree from Parchment Craft Cards For Christmas 2011.  I coloured the back of the Kings with Whispers pens.
Follow the Star, a pattern by Dorothy Holness from Parchment Craft Cards for Christmas 2011.

Peace on Earth, by Anne Quinn from Parchment Craft Cards for Christmas 2011

Winter Wonderland by Ruth Venables from Parchment Craft Cards for Christmas 2011


Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW all so beautiful anasal discharge love the scenic one-- amazing!

Cath Wilson said...

They're lovely, Jack. Great to see something a bit different, too - you don't see many parchment cards these days, whereas when I started stamping, there were loads around. Happy Christmas!

Michele said...

these are wonderful -- special and different! yes, i hope you do make more next year. happy new year! xo

Lucy Edmondson said...

You are so brilliant at parchment! These Christmas designs are particularly lovely,

Lucy x