Friday, 22 July 2011

First harvest this year and wind damage

Marrow and courgettes
 Well, here is my first harvest from my garden this year.  A nice little marrow and 5 courgettes!

I am determined to get at least a few tomatoes despite the weather so this one has been put inside my mini greenhouse. 
Runner Beans
 Runner beans are growing nicely but none ready to eat yet.

Split branch
All of my fruit trees are overloaded this year including this cherry.  We don't actually eat these because they are semi wild with hardly any flesh round the stones.  The birds love them.  But after the strong winds a couple of weeks ago one of the branches developed a split in it.  We will have to do some surgery on this but will wait till the birds have finished eating.


SusieLou said...

Mmmmm, your harvest looks great! Shame about your tree:(

Susie x

trisha too said...

Jack, your garden is lovely! I REALLY like blog snooping in other peoples' gardens this year, since the only thing we deliberately planted was basil . . . I'm missing the tomatoes and cukes!!!


cockney blonde said...

Ooo, yummy! We didn't get round to planting courgettes this year but we are having a bumper crop of new potatoes. Waiting on the broad beans and onions but like you are tomatoes haven't faired well due to the cold nights, x

Lin said...

Runners, mmmmmmmmmmmmm, my favourite veg. Your garden is great, do you do it all yourself, or does hubby help?

Good luck with the tree surgery.

Lin xx

Cath Wilson said...

Lucky you, though I'm sure it was hard work to get them to this stage. Yum!