Monday, 30 May 2011

Necklace for a friend

I made this necklace for a friend's birthday.  She left a comment saying how much she liked an earlier necklace I had made so I designed this one especially for her.  I always think of her swanning around in a fur-trimmed neglege, dripping in pearls as in an earlier life I'm sure she was a demimondaine, LOL.  So to this necklace I added a little Arc de Triomphe as Paris is her spiritual home, a tiny mirror so she can check her appearance at regular intervals, a bunch of keys for all her secret boxes, a coin for her to spend and a heart as she so kind-hearted.  Then, of course, I added a few pearls to finish it off.


jackid said...

Jack it's beautiful and I know your friend will love it what a lovely thought
Jacki xx

Anonymous said...

Jack, you have me in stitches you do.
What will people think of me - I have a reputation to keep intact!!!
Well here I am swanning around my home in said necklace, yes I am and I am a little Tinkerbell as it makes a beautiful chiming noise as I shimmy around the house (didn't you know that I could shimmy!!!)
I love this so much and am so lucky to have a friend who makes incredible jewellery. Will I get my order in for my next birthday?
I sat studying my necklace and it came to mind to say to you, why are you not submitting your jewellery to publications? I will keep on your case as you need to get your jewellery out there my friend.
Thank You again for everything.
A special birthday indeed.
Lynne x

Sharon said...

Jack this is beautiful I bet your friend will love it - nothing better than a handmade gift!!!!

penny4thoughts said...

Beautiful piece, Jack! I think it's so much fun to really think about a person and create something extra special and meaningful for them....I know she loves it as she sent me the link to your blog to see your beautiful necklace :-)

Donna Mosley said...

A very beautiful necklace Jack, love all the gorgeous charms.

Donna x

Lottie said...

Your jewellery is truly amazing and this is no exception - so dainty and feminine - a true original - and yes - you should definitely get your work published - how about a Folksy shop too?
Thank you so much for visiting my blog - If you email my your address I will send you some of the Mermaid's trim


AJ said...

What a beautiful necklace, i love how you thought about the details...

Carole of Brum said...

Oh, it's beautiful, Jack, you are so thoughtful to make such a personal gift for a friend too. CoB

SusieLou said...

It's beautiful, bet she loved it! Susie x