Sunday, 17 April 2011

Silver Hearts

I had this idea to make a charm bracelet with just silver hearts.  Like most of my good ideas when it came to checking out my rather small (hhhmmmm!!!!) bead stash, I found that I only had a couple of hearts.  Soooooo, off to ebay I went.  Now, not being of a technical mind (and too lazy to check a tape measure) I had no idea about the size of the different hearts I bought until they arrived (after all what are centimetres???).  In my mind the hearts were all going to be the same size but, of course, in reality they were all different sizes from the teeny-tiny ones (I ended up putting 3 of these on each jump ring) to some that were too big for the bracelet altogether (I can see a necklace coming on).  I have to say I am pleased with the result even if it is slightly different from my first imaginings.  Of course buying from ebay means you don't just buy one of anything so I've probably got enough hearts to make several more of these, LOL.


Carole of Brum said...

Your jewellery is always amazing, Jack. I love the fact that the hearts are all different sizes, that looks great. CoB

Melly said...

I love it! the different sizes look fab together!! A necklace would go fab oh oh oh and earrings hee!
Hugs M xxx

Terry said...

Your bracelet is stunning! I actually love the different size hearts! Much more interest compared to being so uniform in size. Beautiful!

stampdiva said...

This is soooooo beautiful but what a pity your stash is so small. You need to get over to E-bay and sort this problem out a.s.a.p. LOL
Lynne x

Tracey said...

Stunning bracelet, I love the different sized hearts :)

melsanford said...

Oh wow! This is goooorgeous! Stop trying to convert me to jewellery making!!!! I've got enough to spend my money on :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

Gerri Herbst said...

Stunning! Loved todays necklace too. Reminds me of my daughters sweet 16 bday, where instead of gifts we asked for silver hearts for a charm braclet. Now she has beautiful inscriptions and memories of all her dear ones.take care, gerri

Made by Mandy said...

Jack this is just GORGEOUS. I think it is great with the different size hearts and you have spaced them really well to take advantage of that.

I adore hearts, I'm a proper little romantic and see hearts in everything like crisps etc (not seen Jesus or Elvis though LOL)

love Mandy xxx

PS, if you have loads spare it's my 40th birthday in September ;) LOL